”Hommage Takes Listeners On a Time Tripping Experience "

– Back And Forth, & Does It With a Modern, Appletree Twist

Andrew Appletree’s gritty, whiskey-soaked approach is a blend of hard rock and roots rock truly born of the 1960s. He uses an all-around somewhat darker, macabre sound that makes his music seem perfectly fit for a musical. The music will endear itself to listeners from the opening notes. Appletree’s voice is pleasantly unpolished, hewn from the rough-shod, working-class roots that bore rock in the first place. His voice has a deeper, huskier tone to it like that of Leonard Cohen or Tom Waits.

Hommage is a cover album with hit songs from The Stones, to Springfield, Lou Reed, and others. Andrew Appletree even tackles “What A Beautiful World” by Lewis Armstrong. Hommage was given the name to commemorate the great songs it is comprised of. Hommage is set for April 20, 2020, released on his label, Lava Lamp Records. Hommage is a defining album for Andrew, as he embarks on yet another musical journey setting his sights towards the sun.

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